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Friday, December 03, 2010


On Homosexuality and Bestiality
by Kitioni Wekesa on Friday, 03 December 2010 at 09:26

I choose to pray before I present my views on homosexuality and bestiality. Dear Lord, my desire has been for truth and nothing but the truth. Along the line, I learnt that to have found truth is to have found beauty, goodness, perfection, and above all justice. However, beautiful as truth may be, I have learnt that naturally knowledge is very elusive. It is not that knowledge is impossible but rather that given angularity, historicity of knowledge as limited by our faculties, we are not able to be conclusive enough in our assertions. Therefore dear Lord, for my oversights I am remorseful and for whatsoever insight, I can only be grateful to you.

I have been sympathetic towards homosexuals in most of my arguments with any anti-gay campaigners. I am grateful that I count myself heterosexual and thus homosexuality naturally is absurd and in a way inconceivable. However, considering my own sexual journey and the ups and downs of learning and discovering the sexual self, I would not be surprised that individuals may learn to become homosexuals. Whether learnt or naturally acquired, I wish not to judge anyone. Like Jesus, I look down as I write all this on the ground.

A dissection of sexual acts engaged in by homosexuals and heterosexuals could help in dismissing some pretense at disdain. I am privy to the understanding that whatsoever people do during sexual intercourse if reflected upon is to a large extent disgusting, and nauseating. Take courage to look at literature on sex and you notice that, as practiced, it is more than just normal i.e. the proper way. Often than not, there are those that enjoy anal, oral and even object aided sex. If heterosexuals enjoy all these forms of sex in the privacy of their rooms, how are they very different from what homosexuals do in the privacy of their rooms. I believe that de-stigmatizing homosexuality will help towards holding them accountable.
A good friend has often challenged me by pointing out that if we become this liberal, we shall soon start tolerating bestiality or men sleeping around with chicken, goats and animals. To this I wish to respond as follows.

1. a man sleeping with a man and a man sleeping with a goat are two different cases2. the only similarity is the associated absurdity3. However, the difference is that i...n the first instance both make rational choices while in the latter case one is imposing something upon a hapless creature.4. to the extend that the two exercise their freedom in a way that they are neither hurting each other or society in any way, why would i have a problem with that?5. In the same way we would protect a 15 year old minor given we argue that they are not of rational capacity to exercise free will or not to yield to undue influence, so should we extend our care to animals and all creatures or things in the world

Therefore, do not be dismissive with regard to the issue of gay and lesbian relationships. What we should guard against is any maneuvers that would lead to such people having undue influence on our young brothers and sisters. Just as we should guard that heterosexuals through such acts as nudism or porn do not unduly influence our young people.
Again, to God be the glory that all men shall respect the natural way. Further, to God be the glory that all men and women will seek more to understand towards compassionately helping each other rather than reacting and thus seeking to condemn or vilify. Over to you my friends!!!


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