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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Nataka tujadili kauli za Dr. Hosea akikanusha aliyowahi kusema na kunukuliwa kwenye "Wikileaks", na leo amenukuliwa akisema:

1. Soma kauli hii alafu unipe ina maana gani au unaielewaje?

Dr Hoseah added that what he said was that the President was not willing to allow prosecutions of key government officials or anybody basing on hearsay or weak evidence, because in so doing, the government would risk paying a heavily in damages if the accused persons would win the cases before the court of law.

2.Je una imani na maneno haya?
“My record as the head of PCCB is very clear; whenever we had enough evidence against suspects accused of corruption, we didn’t fear, but moved to take the accused persons to court regardless of their power or affluent,” he said.

3. Je ni kweli amenukuliwa vibaya?
Reacting to the leaked US Embassy cables, Dr Hoseah said: “While it is true that the named US official visited my office in July, 2007, his report which, he then filed back to his country is misleading, was written out of context.”

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