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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Watu wameendelea kuilamu Chadema kumgomea Raisi Kikwete Bungeni.
Inaelekea CCM watazua hoja binafsi Bungeni kuwaadhibu wabunge wa Chadema. Hapa napo ni utata mtupu, kwani yatatokea yaleyale ya Zitto Kabwe.
Mtizamo wangu ni kuwa nadhani ni vyema Chadema watoe maelezo ya kina kwanini waliamua kufanya vile. Manaake watanzania wengi wanalitizama tukio lile kama vile kukosa adabu.Inashangaza sana kuwa watanzania wengi hawaelewi njia mbalimbali ambazo ni sehemu ya kuwasilisha ujumbe kuwa kuna tatizo linahitaji ufumbuzi.
Inaonekana nchi imejaa "laymen" wengi sana ambao kwao wanaaona nchi yetu inatawaliwa vizuri. Ukisoma makala hii katika "The Citizen" la leo ni wazi hata wasomi wengi wanahimiza eti kuwe na dialogue, maridhiano. Hivi kweli tunahitaji maridhiano hapo ama ni Katiba ibadilishwe?

Watu kadhaa wanatoa maoni na mitizamo yao kuwa Katiba kama
sheria mama
, ni wakati wa kutengenezwa upya.

Unajua wengi wamesema na hata mimi naamini kilichotokea ni ubaguzi wa kijinsia. Kinachobakia ni mama kuhakikisha she has to prove wrong that she's an agents of the mafisadi. Ningependa tumsome huyu mzee hapo chini ana mtizamo wake juu ya hili:

Is the procedure to elect House Speaker fundamentally flawed?

By Karl Lyimo
Last Friday, Tanzania came into a newly constituted National Assembly – ‘Bunge’ – and a new Speaker, Anna Makinda. The significance of this is three-fold… One: almost a third of the 339-seat House is from Opposition political parties. Two: a goodly proportion of the new MPs are youngish…

But, perhaps the most important aspect of the whole shebang is that, for the first time in the country’s 49-year Independence History, the Speaker is a woman. This has thrown a spanner in the gender-inequality works.
At long last, the Legislature – one of the three statutory Estates of the Realm… Or four, if you take into account the de facto the Independent Press Estate – is headed by a daughter of the soil.

For better or for worse, this – taken together with the fact that nearly a third of the august House is also ‘manned’ by Lady Members – is another major step in the way forward to entrenching gender equality in Tanzania.
Of course, the Lady Speaker didn’t fall like manna from Heaven. She was tactically maneouvred into the scoring position by her ‘Nambari Wan’ patron, the veteran ruling party CCM. The top party caucus axed ten of its members who’d come forward to contest the post, leaving three aspirants – all women, as it ‘conveniently’ happened!
The field included Samuel Sitta, the immediate past Speaker, and Andrew Chenge – a decoy if I ever saw one! But, that’s another story…

Considering that gender equality’s a fashionable clarion call, there was no better vehicle to convey one of the three into the Wool Sack (House-of-Lords pardon!). In the event, Ms Makinda easily won the post with 265 votes against 53 for his formal rival from the Opposition, Mabere Marando.
This wasn’t surprising – especially considering that her party already had 251 MPs as of November 12, compared with a combined total of 82 ‘Opposition’ MPs… as well as scores of fellow women MPs!

However, what’s surprising – if that’s the correct word – is that Marando could only muster 53 of the votes… One would’ve naturally expected him to garner all the ‘Opposition’ votes! What happened to the other 29?
Of course, the easy answer’s that ‘they virtually crossed the floor,’ going to their political rivals who were already heavily fortified, anyways! But, this wasn’t necessarily the case – or she’d have won by 280 votes (251-CCM-plus-29 Opposition ‘defectors’).
Equally interesting is that some CCM MPs may’ve also voted for the Opposition candidate – thereby reducing Makinda’s ideal total from 280 to 265.

That’s if only because among them must be ‘male chauvinist pigs’ (Angela Davis pardon); disappointed Sitta-supporters, Opposition Camp followers-at-heart…
(Would you believe it? Nine ballots were spoiled!)
Confused? Let’s leave that and move on! Ideally, such crucial voting shouldn’t be secret… MPs should’ve the courage of their convictions, stand up and be counted as supporting who – and may the best candidate win!
(Indeed, the best candidate, Samuel Sitta, was jettisoned via caucus fiat. In my view, Sitta did much to put Tanzania in the good books of the comity of nations than most any other person – bar Mwalimu Nyerere… But, again, that’s another story).

Finally, regardless of what the Constitution says in the rider to Article 68, the Speaker wasn’t elected by MPs in the real sense of the term.
One really doesn’t become an MP unless and until one formally takes and subscribes the Oath of Allegiance…

Only then can we nail them to the masts if, say, it is found that they had sold their vote for a mess of pottage!
Then there’s the small matter of the Public Leaders Ethics Code… Is the Speaker (Article 84(5) and her MPs (Article 70(1) able, willing and ready to publish formal statements regarding their property… Sorry. Cheers!

Ukishaisoma hiyo makala nataka uniambie unaonaje? Mie nampa shavu mzee kwa kujenga hoja.

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