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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ni kipindi cha mataifa ya kibepari kupata dhoruba la kiuchumi lakini ni kipindi cha fuaraha kwa madikteta wa Afrika.
Si hayo tu hata wengine wanakumbuka enzi za Iddi Amin kama demokrasia.

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Anonymous said...

This is a fact, you may verify yourself. Written by Voda customer who is tied of voda:

Calling Voda to Voda is Tshs 360 per minute. Calling from Voda to other networks in the country is Tshs 560 per minute. Voda SMS to all networks is Tshs 60 per sms.
Ok,Calling Tigo to Tigo Tshs 300 per minute. Calling from Tigo to other networks in the country is Tshs 360 per minute. Tigo sms to all networks is Tshs 45 per sms.
Calling Zantel to Zantel is Tshs 250 per minute. Calling from Zantel to other networks in the country is Tshs 275 per minute.

Just by looking above assuming calling/usage time is constant, Tigo customers would spend more than 40% or 50% (depending on other packages listed below) less compared to Voda customer whereas Zantel customer would spend less than 55% compared to voda customer.Assume Voda customer use 100,000 per month, then Tigo would use less than Tshs 60,000 whereas Zantel customer would use just some shs above 40,000.

For a voda customer spending Tshs 50,000 per month, Tigo customer would spend a range of Tshs 20,000 to 30,000 per month, whereas Zantel customer could spend even less.

Other packages!1. Tigo has extreme call package whereby you subscribe Tshs 1500 and you call all Tigo number from 6.00am to 6.00 pm. Comparatively Voda has the same service called Chizika but you NEVER be able to subscribe whenever you want-if you think I am joking try *147# and dial (which is a way to subscribe to free unlimited call for 12hrs from 6.00am) to see if you will get through. Definitely you will be told to try again tomorrow! You will be very lucky if you get through.

Friends have been saying for every 1000 people one gets through! Anyway Vodacom does not want you to know this service because they have not even advertised it. Have you heard or seen chizika advert anywhere if it is not only one found along Ali Hassan Mwinyi road in Dar es Salaam? For your information with Zantel you can call zantel customers for 24hrs with only Tshs1500. only that zantel customers are not as many.
2. Tigo has sms extreme package whereby you subscribe Tshs 500 and send sms to ALL networks for 12hrs from 6.00am. Voda despite of charging Tshs 15 more on every sms, it does not give any releaf package in this area. Zain (not Zantel) has the same package by subscribing Tshs 400. It is not my intention to bring in Zain now since its calling cost is almost like voda’s

3. With Tigo you can call for one shilling from 6.00pm to 5.59am to tigo to tigo. So from extreme call you enjoy during the day, in the evening you have another relief. Huree! Voda has almost the same relief but this one starts at 10.00pm to 5.59am. Despite of that “dead night time” you have to try yourself to see if you can get through a call. It is not easy even you have an emergency!

4. With Tigo you can call tigo subscribers for one shilling from Friday 6.00 to Monday 5.59am! By that Time, voda customers are calling voda subscribers for normal rate Tshs 360 and non voda subscribers for Tshs 560! ALAS VODA!

5. Even with Zain (Celtel), one is far better off compared to voda!

Some rumors created which make people not to shift.

1. Voda has very extensive network and is reliable! Fact check: If you are based in Dar or another city and you call most networks with certainty from Tigo, Zantel or Zain then the above rumor is cheating people! If voda was reliable it could be reliable when you subscribe to chizika and when you make even emergency call from 10.00pm.

2. Remember, you don’t travel so much in the interior parts of the country. If you are sure of been where you are for 11months of the year without going to interior parts of the country, then you don’t need voda. You can reach interior people with whatever network they may be through Zantel, Tigo or even Zain with much cheaper rates.
voda subscriber compared to Tigo, Zantel and somewhat Zain friends! I don’t think if
Advise:1. We don’t have to fool. We are incurring much much much higher cost by been there will be any person on earth except fool who will be happy and comfortable to pay higher rate for less! This is what voda customers we are getting!

2. Corporate customers who pay for their employees airtime could save up to 40% or 50% if encourage their employees to shift to cheaper networks. Company may leave airtime rates (they give to employees) at where they are and they are will minimize to a great deal number of complaints on air time increases by employees. If you are giving your employee an airtime of Tshs 50,000 in Voda and he/she complains, with Tigo, Zantel or even Zain (somewhat) complaints will be very very minimal!